Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Well, the Doctor called me Sunday night with the results of my MRI. How cool is that? I think it's only fair since the MRI was really kind of scary for me. I was only in the machine up to the bottom of my ribcage, but apparently I am more claustrophobic than I realized. Yikes! But anyway, it's really good news. Nothing is torn or broken [although that's from the x-rays I had a few weeks ago.] I either bruised the knee cap, or sprained it really badly...or both. So I went into the doctors office today and let him poke my knee with a really long needle fille dwith cortisone and xylocaine. Boy, did it hurt...but thankfully no where near as badly as I had imagined. {I also don't like needles and shots!}

Work has had me so discouraged these past few weeks. Well, rather the people that I work with. I left a post it note on Kirk's timecard last weekend, filled with flirty XOXO's---only to walk into work Tuesday night to see it on Christina's timecard....!!!What the heck?!?!?! My first thought was that he was flirting back to the wrong girl, but I've talked with two different guys, three if you count my favorite Englishman, and they all think that he wasn't the one to put it there. But when I cowardly left another post it note asking if he had gotten the first one ok...and he never answered me. So I'm going to have to actually talk to him about it. Which is something I have a problem with at work since gossip is such a factor there. Like, mean gossip at that. Sigh. Not to mention that I still have a tendancy to forget what I was going to say when I'm standing in front of him. {blushing!}

My back is still hurting me terribly. I've started taking generic darvocet again. The pretty pink pills take away only most of the pain, but make me happy. Most of the time. Not when I've fretting about my bitchy co-workers. God, I wish they'd get their own lives! Yeah, I've said that before..and I'll probably say it again.

I've changed my Avatar girl - isn't she cute? :)

ok, I'm off. Didn't sleep well Monday, and it's catching up to me.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Glad I wasn't alone in my opinion. Talk to him privately outside work hours.

Good new avatar.