Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am definately in a Star Trek kind of mood. No doubt about it. I say this because I just ordered a Star Trek book off of I love that place, and no doubt they love me! But anyway, it was actually another bookstore through Amazon. I'm getting "Strangers From The Sky." Like any other Trek book, it's not "canon" but it is one of the better stories. Let's be honest, they're not all good stories. But's a book I used to have and got rid of in a moment of spiritual zealousy. And I'm buying it again. What can I's a good book.

The kids were at it again tonight at work. Christina and Supervisor Rob had a bet going...he couldn't pick on anyone or he would have to wear a girly shirt. I'm not sure what he got if he won, it must have been bad because when they were setting the rules to the bet with me as judge {how the heck did that happen?}..they wouldn't tell I probably don't want to know! But it doesn't really matter...because he lost. He made some smart comment about his fiancee...and Christina came and told me. He must have said it because he didn't come back to denfed himself. Soooo...he had to put on one of Christina's shirts...Amanda took a picture of it on her cellphone. He looked ridiculous, but it was funny. I wonder what Boss Jerry will say to that when he find out? And you know he will...someone somewhere will tell him about it. There are no secrets from him.

My head hurts. I'm not sure why. I mean, it wasn't hurting when I got up. And I was fine until about 11pm. I took some generic advil, but there's still a little bit of an ache. Actually since I'm on darvocet, I'm a little surprised that I'm in any pain at all, but even my back and leg act u p on it still. Oh well.

I might try going to church tonight. Don't know yet.


rashbre said...

We had another kind of science fiction to look forward to yesterday evening with the return of Doctor Who to UK television yesterday evening, for the first of the new series.

And I'm here to report this, via Michele! Greetings!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

How weird. Having to wear a woman's shirt on a bet! Good job it wasn't a dress!

Ciera said...

I haven't seen any of the new Doctor Who.

And the originial bet - was that he had to wear a dress if he lost, but Boss Jerry said "No way." to that. I don't know that he Okayed the shirt though.