Saturday, April 05, 2008

Tales From Work and other ramblings

Sooo......Christina brought in cake the other night. Angel food cake with pineapples and pudding mixed together, and strawberries and cherries and coolwhip for toppings. It was really kind of good, though I think I would leave the pineapples out. Anyway...Crazy Jerry [not to be confused with Boss Jerry] and Carl stepped out for a smoke afterwards, leaving me, Christina and Rob in the breakroom. Rob was griping because Crazy Jerry had left his plate behind for him to throw away...and Christina starts trying to get Rob to throw away a small bag of garbage that she had...he refused, something to do with her calling him a pushover earlier in the night...and she starts begging, really pretty like...and two of her sentences "I suck your dick," and "I give you pleasure" really made me wonder if she remembered I was still there. Well, we've all been thinking that the two of them were getting it on, and this kind of confirms it. Of course, it's my word against theirs and they'd probably say I misheard or made it up or some goofy shit like that. Like I have nothing better to do than make up crap about the two of them.

And tonight, when we were in the office, Christina said something about Rob getting married [to his fiance who isn't Christina!] he made a 'no I'm not' comment that struck me as kind of odd as well.

All their denial is pretty lame. A blind and deaf man could tell that they want each other. heck, I'm pretty sure a dead man could tell!

Let's see. Oh, I finally got my taxes done! When the money comes back, Carl is going to fix my car. Then I'll be able to renew its inspection, which just ran out the end of last March. And then, I'll be able to go whenever I want and not even have to tell anyone where I'm going or anything like that! I will be Queen of the dirt roads once again! I can't wait!!

When my other tax check comes, the "economic stimulus" check the Pres has promised us...I am going shopping! I am going to get my new sneakers and some jeans and some shirts. And I might even pick up a new dress. Something pretty.

I am reading Vulcan's Heart right now...probably for the millionth time! It's Star Trek, of course. It's one of my favorite Trek tales. It's all about Spock and Saavik, and the Romulans. I also borrowed Star Trek: Nemisis from the library when I was there. I guess I'm in a Trekkie mood right now. And actually, oddly enough, I've been thinking on Star Wars too...trying to decide whether to revive any of my old fan fiction stories. I'd have to start over from scrap, as I was on a super-spiritual jag once and threw everything science-fiction away. What was I thinking?

I don't have to be into work until 8:30 tonight. I was scheduled for 8, but I had to stay and fly sports last night which put me an hour over so Rob said I could just come in later. So I am. I'll have to go out grocery shopping at some point though, so I won't be able to sleep too late. Not that I'm allowed to sleep around here. Working nightshift has started to really suck since moving back home with Mom. Sigh.

Ok. Everybody have a good day! :)

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good to know you'll be mobile again soon!