Monday, June 29, 2009

Facebook Fun?

When I joined Facebook, I received a couple of greetings about 'welcome to facebook fun'. I had no intention of Facebook being a replacement for this blog...I was not going to share anything deep there, just going to keep it light and fun...maybe reconnect with some people from high school....

Well. So much for that thought.

I posted some pics that I had taken of Justin with my cell, to show people what the goofball looks likes because I've got friends who've never met him and my fifth grade English teacher was like, "Who's Justin?" So I got his brilliant idea to do a little facebook post about who he was--and in the spirit of keeping it light I made a comment that he was going to kill me when he got home and discovered that I had broken our last glass drinking cup but oh well because that's how the cookie crumbles...and this freakin' idiot from high school makes this 'deep' comment about 'breaking glass, cookies crumbling: destructive' ...WTF? So my fifth grade English teacher makes comment to his comment, about that kind of stuff happeneing, it's called life. {Way to go Miss Myfelt!} And this idiot replies with 'yeah, life is destructive'...double WTF?! So I write up this nice reply about how that's "only if you let it" plus a few other tidbits and again, this moron can't just say that he's glad that I'm happy, he has to continue with this crap - this time I got a circle of life line...grasshopper eats grass, frog eats grasshopper' etc....Seriously, wtf is wrong with this man....we haven't spoken since Graduation night when he fucked me over to make his mother happy [can anyone say "momma's boy" in a non-nice way?] I was no threat to his relationship with his girlfriend, despite my crush on him, I was happy with our 'just friends' status. I spent more years than I care to recount deeply depressed because of the crap that happened that night. I don't talk about it because it's in the past, a long time in the past and I no longer feel the pain the same way that I it's like, "Todd who?"

And now, fifteen years later, his first words to me are about how destructive I am and the rest of this crap? On Facebook where I was trying to keep it all light and fun - because this place here is where I let loose and vent and be honest about everything regardless of how petty, ignorant, immature it might make me look. Because I get over it after I've vented and move on. Whether that will work this time, I don't know...because it's an ongoing issue still. I basically told him off in my last reply to his idiotic comment. Seriously, how did a post about my boyfriend turn into that crap? I told him that if he couldn't say anything nice to me, like "I'm glad you're happy" then to not say anything at all.

If this keeps up, I'm going to have to delete him. My own fault for testing the waters to see what 15 years had done ... not enough apparently. Not for him anyways. What an idiot. Thinking - I've never been more grateful to have that asshole out of my life!

Wow, apparently I've grown up just a little bit.

Just a little.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Don't hang around, Ciera...delete ALL the bad ones and just keep your friends. That;'s what it's for. Do it now.