Sunday, October 24, 2010

Chilly Willy

So far, my new job is just that...a job. It is tiring, makes my bad knee cranky, and is cold. Of course, meat needs to be kept at a certain temp so it won't spoil. But it's not easy to work in it. I've bee there 2 weeks, and I've gotten a cold from it. Hopefully I'll get over it quickly and adjust. As long as I'm pulling that packages meat off the line, I'm warm enough. Since I'm new at it, I am actually working up a small sweat.

Overall, I'm enjoying most of it. Sort of. I'm a "maroon hat"...meaning I'm a new hire just learning the job. Justin's dad, who also works at Cargill, has been talking with my line leader, a "blue hat" who's like an assistant supervisor...and he says taht she says I'm pushing myself too hard. ROFLMAO!!! Uhm...where has she been when the "white hat" (regular employee) has been rushing me!?!?!?! Sheesh.

But since I can't do things half way, I am pushing myself to learn this job. Mainly so I can get the white hat off my back. Because she's checking on me like she should have in the beginning, so someone has talked to her. But for me to rest for a few minutes now, would be going backwards.

On the bright side...I'm getting paid $10 an hour. Until I get a raise after 6 weeks, then another at 12. Once I get past my probationary period, I should be making $11 and change. Compared to the meager $7.69 I was making - at a job I should have been making what I am now. I wonder what they're paying the new guy they've hired to take my place? Bastards anyway.

Apart from that, I like being on dayshift. I don't like getting up so early, between 4 and 4:30am, but I can't deny that aside from my cold, I'm feeling so much better already. I'm not sure if I'm losing any weight yet, but my doctor is happy. My face does feel thinner, and so do my hands when they're not stiff. That's ok, they'll loosen up.

Shutting up now. Going to type in a few more poems to be published the next few days.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck with it. It does sound chilly!

Ciera said...

I'm basically working in a refrigerator!