Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a 3 day weekend!

Well, this weekend is a three day one. We're having another 'dark' day on Monday. My body says 'yes, yes, yes' but the paycheck says 'no, no, no!' I guess we're just getting as many cows in. It'll change before long and they'll be working us on Saturdays too. Blech!

It's not even supposed to be nice this weekend, it's supposed to start raining sometime tomorrow. Not that I really mind. I don't do anything outside anyway. Not much to do here in the trailer court anyway. I do like riding four wheelers up to his parents; they have lots of woods and land. I don't mind going for walks up there.

Have some hard decisions to be making shortly. Mom has found herself living alone. Liston finally moved out on his own. Sara was thinking about moving back in, actually has been living there since January...and for whatever reasons she's not sharing with me, she's changed her mind. If some modifications were made, like a way for Mom to be able to take care of the dog Liston left behind, she shouldn't have too much trouble actually living by herself. There are cleaning aides from Area Agency of Aging coming in already that are a big help. It's the money that's the issue. Mom lives off of social security and disability, and her outgoing exceeds her incoming. If it's not a big amount, us five kids ought to be able to make up the difference. I hate the thought that she might have to move out and lose her home of 40 some years. It's just not fair. I don't know how much help I'll be getting from my siblings either. Any one of them could fight me on it out of spite over crap that happened years ago. I just don't know.

Justin didn't say much when I talked to him about it, which isn't a bad thing. I mean, if he wanted to fight me on it that would have been the time. He really has no point of reference for any of this. His parents are younger, healthier, more financially well off. And he's an only child. Brat! Lol! He is so spoiled! But then, so was I for a few years.

I just donated a few dollars to a kids in Scotland. He's doing a triathlon as a fundraiser for a Commission/Mission project. He's an Xbox buddy of Justin and seems like a good kid. PayPal automatically converted the US dollars to the UK Pound, glad it's smart than me! Lol!

I'm getting of this blog for the moment and cruising on to my next project. Idk what yet, but I'll figure something out! Lol!

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