Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jots and Tittles

Today was a long day at work, at least it felt it. Same 8.5 hours as usual, just lots of lean cow. Lean cow is a grade of beef, and becuase they're skinny cows, you don't get much from them. Which means that it takes 'forever' to do 550 head! Lol! But we all survived! I want to share two new blogs I've discovered. One is by Mara Wilson, the child actress who played Matilda is now 24! She's a smart cookie, and I find her writing fresh and invigorating. The second is a new one written by my brothers ex. Alysson is sweet and funny, and I hope she keeps writing. I managed to get up a new post at my fiction site, the long awaited Pt 47 of Zion's Children. I have started the next post, but do not know when it will be up. I know Mara said that there is no such thing as writer's block, just lack of faith in our abilities, but to be honest, what else would you call it when you have blank paper and blank screen and NOTHING comes out. The little voice that is my poet, the movie screen that is my fiction, just hasn't been there. Not having a computer to post doesn't help either. lol :P Been posting some poetry lately too. That link is off to the side. I am so tired sometimes. I know that is largely in part to the under active thyroid, that doesn't want to respond to the medicine. I try to be patient, but it never seems to be any different. Maybe tomorrow!

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