Sunday, May 20, 2012


I've been having a rough week. Well, when it comes to work, it's been a run of a couple rough weeks. But for some reason, I've been missing the loved ones I've lost recently. Maybe it's just hormones, or the weather or the time of year. It'll pass I know. I just gotta ride it out! lol!

Justin and I went to the movies this afternoon, we watched The Avengers. Totally rocks. It was my second time as I went with my friend Jackie a couple weekends ago. It would have been better if the movie hadn't quit stopping. Our theater hasn't upgraded to digital yet, and they still use film and I guess it was getting tangled or something like that. It was pissing Justin off to no end - he so has to learn to relax and take that kind of stuff with a grain of humor because crap happens ya know! lol Oh well. I guess they're upgrading this fall. It won't be soon enough!!

Gonna go lay down for a bit, just tired today as well. I'll try to catch up more later, I have so much I wanna say and not enough energy.


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