Tuesday, May 01, 2012

PAD Challenge

So I've been participating in the Poem A Day Challenge over on the poetry blog of The Writer's Digest website, since about mid April. A little late, but better late than never right? Anyway, that's over and now we get to choose our 5 favorite poems from the month and send them to the editor. I'm not sure what we'll get other than recognition from him if he picks us as his favorites, but that's alright. There's another PAD in November and that seems like such a long ways away.

I've been writing up a storm so far this month, I hope it lasts! :) I've even gotten up a few new posts on the Zion's Children story on my Fiction site, and need to get more up. Trying to find the combined time and energy and quiet has been hard. Justin didn't work at all last week. I don't know if the boss was punishing him for something or truly didn't need him, but it was really rather irritating as it's the absolute wrong time of month for that cash flow to have been cut off...but he worked yesterday, and maybe tomorrow, so maybe the bossman is over it. One can hope.

I so want to go to bed, but it's far too early! lol Besides it's too bright and I know I'd never actually sleep. Or if I did, it's just be a nap and that would mess things up too! As much as I've come to enjoy working dayshift, I don't like how early I have to get up. Of course, we've been working 8.5 hours for a few weeks now and that always saps my energy. Ah well.

Enough for now. Must find food! Lol


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