Saturday, October 05, 2013

Paperback Avialable

Well, there is now a paperback version of my novel available.  It can be purchased directly from CreateSpace Here and will be available on as well.  I don't have a link there yet as it's not up yet.

idk what else to say really.  I'm excited, nervous all at once.  It's a good book, I've gotten plenty of good reports from people on Facebook who've read it.  A lot say that they can't put it down.  I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who can't pull themselves out of the story once they start reading it.  Craig and Angela's life consumes me...scenes from their life together just keep replaying in my head.  Makes work go by a little bit quicker. lol

Of course, it's frustrating at work, because I have all this great stuff floating around in my head and I no longer dare write on the back of my breakdown sheet during the 'slow times' because the bosses are getting anal about who'd not working hard enough during those times.  Really?  Where are those pricks when we are busting our asses to get the product off the line?  When I have to pull my stuff and my neighbor's stuff because she's off on the other side getting leakers off the line because we're freaking buried with them?  Where are they then?  Oh, they don't care then.  God forbid we ever get a break.  They tell us to take 'micro-breaks' as often as possible...but just don't get caught doing them.  Sorry for the rant but I have really low respect for supervisors and bosses who NEVER jump in and help when the going gets rough and cracks the whip when the going gets easy.

But, I'm home now...relaxing with the hubby who loves me and is proud of what I've accomplished.  He has such great expectations of me :)

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