Saturday, December 17, 2005

stayed home

Well, I stayed home this weekend. Going to try to go to my bro's later, during Christmas break. So, I shall clean the library this afternoon, then go home to tidy my place and put up my 12inch Christmas tree.

Not sure if I'll get to see my friend this day, as she wasn't home when she said she was going to be ... which is what finds me sitting here on a free Saturday blog surfing and stuff. Oh wait, I do that anyways. Nevermind!!!

Hope this weekend finds you all warm and dry.



Plain Jane said...

Warm and dry is a good place to be today! I, alas, have a party to attend tonight, so I'm completely procrastinating on everything else. *laughs*

Here from Michele's!

utenzi said...

Have a great time at your brother's place, Ciera. Are you going to watch Star Trek episodes?

Isn't a 12 inch tree a mite small? Not that I'm pointing fingers--I don't have one at all.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sometimes small is good!

Enjoy your tree!

Vampirella said...

Hi.... As I think Fluke's ship is faster than the danger sled
I am sure we could stop by for your tour... (its FLuke decision of course lol but I am sure we can spare a few secs... lol)

Nice blog wink wink

Ciera said...

I hope you come back sometime Jane!

Utenzi - I'll be going up after Christmas and it is sure to be a good time....and yeah, we might sneak in a few Trek Episodes. :) And I was looking at the tree...It might be 24 inches...I though about getting out a measuring tape, but then remembered I didn't have one!

And my second word verification letters say - "WUPS" - that is too funny.

Cap - Tree is up [multitasking again, so far so good]. I was so impressed with the outcome that I even took pictures.

Vamp - LOL!