Saturday, December 31, 2005

Plants and the New Year

I bought a plant last night. Probably paid too much, but it was a nice little ivy plant. It's a friends house right now as we went to see the Narnia movie last night and I didn't want to leave it in my car for that long. I don't know why exactly I would do this to this poor innocent plant, as I do not have a green thumb. I even managed to kill an aloe plant, which is a cactus and how in the world do you kill a cactus???????? Perhaps this one will fare better.

And you all read that right. I went to the theater and saw the Narnia movie for the second time. When oh when will it come out on vhs and dvd???? I caught several things I didn't the first time through, from Santa's shadow on the snow [duh] to a parrellel between the war the kids fled from and the one they fought in Narnia.

We are on the brink of another new year. I am rather more pessimistic and cynical than I have been in past years, and yet at the same time I've had a wonderful run of emails this week that has helped take the edge off of that.

I'm thinking of adding a second blog here, a fiction sight seperate from Superhero Bob. Just a thought. Of course, I'd actually have to feel creative for that wouldn't I? I'm barely getting Bob by, poor girl.

I think I'm going to go have a donut now.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Actually, cacti can be killed by feeding them too much water. \Be careful how much you administer to them.

I suspect you will be seeing Narnia again in the future.

Welcome to 2006!

Kat said...

Happy New Year to you!! May it be the best yet.

Daydream believer said...

Who is superhero bob?

Happy New Year!

I have managed to keep a Christmas Cactus barely alive for a number of doesn't seem to grow. Try those Jobes plant sticks they do wonders I guess.

2006...what do you hold? *sigh*

utenzi said...

Donuts can cure many ills, Ciera. I hope it helps.

Good luck with the ivy--I'm sure you can do well by it. And like Jean-Luc said, too much water will easily kill aloe plants. Maybe that's what happened.

Happy New Year, Ciera!

Shelley said...

I can't believe I still haven't seen Narnia yet. I am itching to get it on DVD though. I love donuts but have cut them out of my life for the next little bit. Sigh...enjoy one for me...OK!??!!

Ciera said...

Jean-Luc: I may have done that...unintentionally. Poor aloe plant. I suspect you're right about Narnia :)

Kat: the same to you my dear!

Daydreamer: uhm, Superhero Bob just might be my alter ego...ok, not really...she's can be found at this site here I write her sad story.

Utenzi: Happy New year to you too! I really enjoyed the donut, btw! :)

Shelley: yeah, I'm trying to cut back too. I'm sure you'll enjoy Narnia when you get to see it.

my church has rented the theater so people can see it for free. I'll have to give up my seat if someone hasn't seen it comes first, I wouldn't even complain, though I might quietly beg to stand in the back!!!

man, this week has been busy. Haven't even gotten to some of my favorite blogs these past few days! And even now I have only a few minutes. I'll see how many I can visit though! :)