Thursday, December 22, 2005

Things to think upon....

Do you suppose that the stores that have banned their cashiers from saying "Merry Christmas" are also choosing which songs they play over the loud speakers. What about - "I want to wish you Merry Christmas/Feliz Navidad"?????? In theory, if they ban their cashiers from saying the phrase, then they can not play ANY song mentioning the phrase either, otherwise they are contradicting themselves!!!!

OK. I guess that was only one thing. I had an entire list this morning, but can you believe I have since forgotten all the other things?


Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Actually very few people notice the music that plays inside of stores. Have you ever noticed the music in Target? When I worked at a Rite-Aid, all I wanted was for the music to stop, I hated the christmas music, drove me nuts. That and the dancing flowers/hampsters/santas that people would set off, but thats another issue.
Music is impersonal, it's not directed at any one person, whereas a cahshier saying something to a customer is perosnal, it is an one on one engagement. The music is ignorable, the cashier is not, usually.
NPR had an essay that delt with this topic, I'll post the link. It's an interesting take on the whole issue of what to say in the holidays. It's a well done piece, but please don't be too offended, I think it's a interesting wy of putting this debate into perspective. If it does bug you, let me know and I'll pull my post. :)
Merry Christmas

and if you're still trying to remember the music in Target, don't, they don't play any. But people never seem to notice :)

Sarah said...

Hmmmm, so this is why I can "lose myself" in Target for hours! How funny; I was there just today but had never noticed that they don't play music. Merry Christmas, Ciera!

Ciera said...

I've never been into a Target, so I wouldn't know!!!!

I personally find the whole debate amusing because people seem to think that the phrase inbeing completely banned - and it isn't [not yet] and like, nothing is stopping the customer from saying Merry Christmas! Hello? First amendment rights are not being revoked, or impinged upon...stores have the right to set whatever rules they want to for their employees. Right?!

I saw a comic in the paper the other day that was on the Happy Holiday's side, but it was done in such a manner that it wasn't offensive, I thought, but rather thought provoking. I wish I could remember enough to convey it, but I can't, so I won't.

All this to say that I'll check out the article this afternoon!

Still-----I wonder if they have this problem in Christmas, Florida?????

Trinity13 said...

You have a great point Ciera! I've never thought about that.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We don't have a 'Target' in England, but I can't remember any salesperson saying 'Happy Christmas'.

Merry Christmas, Ciera!