Sunday, April 23, 2006

What is wrong with people?

Ok...I don' t get this. My church has a simple rule about men ministering to women and vice know, praying for them, like, during an altar call...that is, it doesn't happen without a third person present. Simple right? Well, last Sunday I had a man approach me and said that he wanted to "share his abundance" with me. I had just about every warning flag that a woman has go up in an instant. First of all, this guy is kind of creepy. Second, when I told him that I wasn't comfortable with this happening away from other people [which he couldn't be done in front of people]...he argued it with me..."But God told me too." I was a bit rude...or blunt perhaps..."No, He didn't." Hello, it's against rules. Anyway, before it was over and done with, Pastor was involved...I know I didn't handle it right...I should have told Pastor then and there what was going on...but I didn't...I just told the guy that I had answered him all I was going to answer him and that I had to go as my mother was expecting me. Sorry, but I'd rather appease my mother's emotional blackmail than this guys blatant manipulation.

So, I sent Pastor an email early in the week letting him know my side of the story. Today I asked Pastor if he had gotten it and if we needed to talk more about it. And dammit if he didn't say yes, that we needed to talk about it more. WHY??? He'd better not scold me...I did the best that I could in a new situation. One that was uncalled for. I mean, this guy isn't even on the altar ministry so why he is approaching me to pray for me...when there wasn't even an altar call...and I was in a fair way and didn't feel in the need of prayer???

If Pastor scolds me...I am going to be so blasted angry. I hope he's just going to give me pointers on how to handle it should it ever happen again.

Although when I told England this story....he gave me permission to smack the guy if he ever bother me again and to let him know it was from my boyfriend. I wonder what Pastor would say to that! Yikes!

Other than's ok.


kenju said...

Ciera, if the guy didn't folow the rules, than you did exactly the right thing. He sounds creepy to me too, and I wouldn't have gone anywhere with him either!

Michele sent me.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

As I've said before, Ciera, you followed the rules to the letter. The guy was trying to use the situation to his advantage.

The Pastor certainly shouldn't scold you, but instead should inform you that he told the guy off for bothering you.

You're in the right, Ciera; that's what counts.

M. C. Pearson said...

Woman's intuition! Always go with what you are comfortable with and not what others 'tell you to do'! I'm proud of you.

Maybe next time you can tell whoever it is "Thank you, I'd love for you to pray for me, but that is between you and God."

If the Pastor tries to scold you, you need to let him know how uncomfortable the man made you and when God gives you those intuitions or whispers you need to heed them!

Paige said...

I agree with every one else above me. A sixth sense is not always about dead people

Ciera said...

thanks everyone. I have to call my Pastor and set up a time to talk to him about it yet, but he wasn't home when last I drove by...soooo??? WHo knows. But I'll be sure to remember what you all say. made me laugh out loud by the way!