Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Friends, continued...

Well, when it comes to friends, it seems I just pecked the surface didn't I? Here's what the readers had to say:

1. Nienke reminded me about Acquaintances. These are people you rub up against in the work place, at school, church, or about town...they're friendly and y'all get along well...and maybe are potential for a deeper friendship, but most just stay at the fringes of your life.

2. Jean-Luc reminded me of Best Friends. These are exactly what the words imply. They're the ones you tell your secrets to, and who's secrets you hear and neither of you ever share. You love each other even though you know the worst about each other. These are usually Oak Tree Friends.

3. Vanx used the term Buick Friends. He described them as: "Fast, solid, sassy, down the road, and expensive to maintain."

4. Claude wondered how to classify those people who considered him their friend while he doesn't regard them as such in return. I call those people in my life either, uhm, Deluded or Nuisances. They just don't seem to get the message that you don't want them around that much. It can be quite trying for myself personally, as I know that Christ would want me to love them anyway. Can anyone else think of a "classification" for this type?

5. Prego came up with a neat one....Friends-in-law. These are the friends that come with a relationship. Some are more bareable than others, but you be nice because you love your significant other.

6. Rashbre offered Interrupted Friends - the ones that disappear, then re-appear and we pick up as if there was no gap. I think these would be closely related to Oak Tree friends, but not necessarily so.

7. Amused Observer came up with Race Car Friends. You "take off at top speed immediately but eventually the friendship runs into a wall." This is sometimes for the best too! Sometimes it's unneeded heartbreak as it's over something stupid.

8. Burglars was shared by Plumbkrazzee. These are High Mainteneance Friends that don't hang around long. And we all breathe a sigh of relief over that.

9. Silent Friends are the ones you don't even think of until it's too late and they're gone. Blessings and comfort to Darnelle Packard's familyu as they mourn her this week. She was 27, had severe diabetes...and was nice to me on the school bus when we were in school together.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

All the definitions that have been listed cross another slightly, but each have a distinctive label.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You are invited to my 200th post party over the weekend in which all those on my bloglist are featured!

Valderbar said...

Interesting idea. How about Burr friends for the clingers on you don't ask for?

Michele sent me.

Ciera said...

Vald --- would that make them Cling-ons?