Friday, April 07, 2006

Types of Friends

The other night, the friend that I watch tv and movies with was sharing something she had learned from a MOPS meeting. About the two different types of friends. Since that discussion, I've realized that there are at least 2 more types of friends and goofball that I am, I thought I'd share it all with you! Don't you feel lucky and special? :)

1. Mushroom Friends: These friends spring up over night and are in our lives just for a season. Kind of like the friends I made in school. The season is way over as I didn't even get Christmas cards from them this year [yes, I sent them cards].

2. Oak Tree Friends: These friendships develop slowly, starting out small and laying down deep root systems. They last forever no matter how far apart the friends grow; time, distance, oceans and death cannot break the bond of friendship. They are the kind that years after being out of communication, if they heard you were in trouble {death in family, illness, etc...} they would drop stuff to come be at your side.

3. Fair Weather Friends: We all know what this means. These are the friends that are in the relationship solely for what they can get from you, at the first sign of you needing something, or a crisis in your life, they're gone in search of greener pastures. They offer no support, no encouragement.

4. Imaginary Friends: this category is actually a conglomerate of several discriptions. They range from a child's imaginary friend [I wonder if "Arthur" got off the bus yesterday?] to hallucinations [like Dave from "Lost"] to deceivers pretending to be your friend. They're not real and are illusions.

And as I was typing, I decided to take one out of Imaginary Friends and give it its own category.

5. Blog Friends: Some are Mushrooms. Other's become Oak Trees. Some are almost Imaginary, but not quite. They are as real as the people you can see around you, and their invisibility to you and your life does not diminish their friendship at all.


Can you think of any others?


Nienke said...

What a great summary!
I would suggest a category for acquaintances--they may not be your closest friends, but they are an important part of the circle.
Michele sent me. Have a great weekend.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Wonderfully written, Ciera. I think you've viertually covered all types of friends.

I think I could add 'best friend' they are the ones with whom you share everything with, even deep secrets you would tell no one else. Closely related to 'oak tree friends'

Paige said...

Very insightful. There a very few people I can say are my friends. In fact I can count them on one hand.

vanx said...

There are Buick friends. Fast, solid, sassy, down the road, and expensive to maintain.

utenzi said...

Buick Friends--that's a good one. I'm with Paige. I don't have many friends because it takes a lot of effort to maintain a strong friendship, Ciera, and I have only so much of that effort in me. :-)

Claude said...

A thoughtful piece, Ciera. There's another class of friend somewhere in there, but I can't fully define it.

There are a lot of people who would consider me a friend, and while I like them (or at least don't have any real argument with them) I wouldn't necessarily call them friends. I don't know, maybe my standard for the word is too high. Or maybe I'm just not a very trusting soul. But as a result I tend to pass in and out of other people's lives. Maybe I'm a mushroon, but what does it make them to me?

Here from Michele's.

kenju said...

Great list, Ciera. I love what you said about blog friends. It is a feeling that no one else can understand unless they blog.

Michele sent me.

Prego said...

My brother once joked that he had about as many friends as the pope had jeans. I've since co-opted that phrase, since 90% of my friends have moved out of town.

Incidentally, I refer to my wife's friends as the "friends-in-law"

rashbre said...

interrupted friends - the ones that disappear, then re-appear and we pick up as if there was no gap.

Here today via Michele's.


Ciera said...

Looks like I'm going to have to do a follow post. Tomorrow.

Amused Observer said...

race car friends. take off at top speed immediately but eventually the friendship runs into a wall.

here from michele's

M. C. Pearson said...

Ciera! Hey, what a great break-down of friends. Thanks for sticking by me as I was absent this past month. Yes, the migraines are gone! YEAH! Now I still have boxes and boxes to unpack as well as pictures to hang. But we are so much happier and healthier here.

Did you just do a new question on your profile? I never saw that answer is hilarious.

Talk at ya soon! God Bless you my Oak Tree Blog Friend!

Ciera said...

Mimi!!! Uhm, iffen you're talking about the force question...naw, that one's been up for a while...I chnaged my Avatar girl though. :)

Plumkrazzee said...

I was the hospitality director for our local MOPS group for awhile. The worst kind of friends are: The Burglars. They sneak in when you aren't really expecting them to, steal all your time and energy, and then disappear out the back door never to be heard from again. Ack.

Lazy Daisy said...

Excellent post. All of the types you mentioned are right on. Michele sent me.

cyndy said...

Hi Michele sent me. What a nie blog. I have an oak tree friend who I feel is my sister from another mister!

Kat said...

Lol - great post! Spot on and very insightful.

The only thing left to add is, we all know where mushrooms are grown and what they get fed on right?

(grow in the dark and thrive on...uhm...poo)


Kat - here from my own blog ;-)