Sunday, August 13, 2006


The Boss made a comment last night about being interested in seeing my blogsites.


Yikes! I think. Because I really kind of complain below about some of my co-workers, that one especially that likes to slack off when the boss isn't looking. But then again...he was picking on her last night for not doing her job. ?????? "Sure, you'll tidy up the office but you won't clean out on the floor" ??????

I didn't give him any of my sites last night. A little worried if I do. Would he use my bitching against me? Not promote me along and all that? I'd hate to have to start censoring myself. This is my place to vent without ticking people I know off, you know? grrrrrrrrr.....I don't know what to do.


Different subject.

I got a bad sunburn last Sunday. the trip to my brother's is like, 3 hours, and my arm was hanging out the car window for all of it. Didn't think nothing of it at the time. It hurt for days but now has moved on to the itching and peeling phase.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

The answer is easy, Ciera. Just give the info regarding your poetry, Bob & fiction sites, but keep 'My Secret Place' isolated, and don't put a link to it from the others.

Paige said...

I think Jean Luc is right. You can share one but don't have to share all of 'em. We don't want to give ammo to the... not really enemy but ya know what I mean.

Cliff said...

I must concur with your other friends here. Don't share this site with him. I have heard a lot about employers looking at the blog sites of their employees and then using the material that they find their against them. In some cases, I have even heard of people being fired because of the content of their blog. Actually, you may not necessarily want to share any of your blogs with him. Who knows what kind of material may offend a person and change their opinion of you, and then you are judged unfairly. I personally can't imagine that someone would be offended by Superhero Bob, but why would you want to open yourself up to that kind of danger. If I were you, I would consider saying no to your boss, and cite to him what I've said. Perhaps you could say something like, "Nothing personal, but I've heard of some people getting in trouble with their boss because of something on their blog. I'd rather not share my blogs with you simply because I don't want to have an unprofessional conflict with you. It's not that I know I've written something you won't like. It's just that I'd rather be the best employee that I can be for you, and not have to detract from that if we have some disagreement because of something unrelated to work." I bet if you said something like that, he'd probably take it just fine.

Kat said...

Well it's your hobby and in your spare time. If you don't want to share it then you don't need to. And, like the others, I wouldn't. :-)