Wednesday, August 30, 2006


I am a little tired right now...and I shouldn't be since I had last night and tonight off. But I was woken from a sound sleep at about 10 this morning...scared the crap right out of me. The tub people were back...they've been putting in a shower surround in my tub...and they came to see if it was all done, like a dotting of the I's type thing...I was listening to them while they were in my bathroom, giggling at the comments about there being paint slopped around, thinking "well, at least I don't have to complain about that." !! But that means that they have to come back...unno, cuz they have to clean up the painter's mess he left behind [totally ticked me off that he was so sloppy]

Bored too. But then that happens.

The Tuesday night kids thing is going ok at the new church. Still a bit disorganized which causes no small amount of stress in me. I'm not good at "flying by the seat of the pants" when it comes to this, though I'm not high on organization myself.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

You can't do much when the tub police break in!

Ciera said...

I am hoping that at long last, the thing is all done and I don't have to see them any more. It is truly frustrating to be woken from a sound sleep more than one day in a row :(