Friday, December 08, 2006

A Flat Tire And A Fall

I had a flat tire this week. Ticked me right off. I felt it shortly before I got home, so I limped my car home. Which is probably good because that afternoon when I went to change wouldn't come off!!! Yes, I had the car jacked up! :P I had friends come was thuroughly kicked and hammered. To no avail. So my friend Diana took me to work, Mom and Liston brought down her van for me to use in the morning...and Liston went to look at the car for me. Can you believe that stinker managed to get the tire off and the donut on?

So, I drove to Mom's after work...Liston drove me home...I stayed up until the garages opened. I drove around town on a FLAT DONUT trying to find a garage that would help me. The first one was closed...the second one turned me away because he was 'too busy' to deal with me...the third one couldn't help, but he called around to see if he could find a tire for me...sent to the fourth one only to find out that they couldn't help either aside from ordering me one...I went home and went to bed.

Got Diana to drive me to work again, knowing I'd find someone there to drive me home again...Austin ended up doing it...he only lives over the mountain from me...and actually I had him take me to Diana's because she was going to help me find a tire. Turns out her husband found me 2...for half the price the garages were going to charge me...her husband even put them on for me! Not all guys are bad. Austin didn't even want gas money from me.

So, that ended well.

This morning coming out of work...I slid on a patch of ice under the dusting of snow and fell on my softest part. Dustin watched the whole thing happen and agreed that it was a graceful fall. How embarrassing. Butt - I didn't get hurt, so...all's well that ends well. :)

Oh, and that typo up above...was on purpose!!!! LOL!!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

The garages don't seem very sociable where you are; one would think they would want your business. Hope you're alright from that fall as well.

Ciera said...

I've been told that one of the men at work, who heard about my troubles, commented that the garages in Canton aren't to be trusted...I won't argue with that one bit!!!

A little achy after my fall...but it's only the second time I've fallen in a month, so why wouldn't I be achy?

Daydream believer said...