Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Alas, poor Chris...

A quick midweek post to intrugue you until I post again on my day off.

So, Chris has been supervisor for not even a month and she's ready to give it up! I feel no sympathy for her, {baaad of me I know}but I also know that part of the reason is because a position in the plateroom is opening up and yours truly shall be the one being shifted out there. She's already asked me twice to switch. I wonder what the big boss would say about that!!! I suppose I ought to feel bad for her...and I would have accept for the ungodly condition of the cart of prepacks that she left me to sift through for Sunday mailbags...if our old supervisor had done that to her, she'd have gone ballistic and refused to do them...so she ought to think of how she would have wanted to be treated and treat us likewise.

My friend Paige is moving...just a couple blocks around the corner from where she lives now. But...she'll be giving me a whole bunch of flower bulbs from the new place...she doesn't like the ones that are there...so, they'll be going into mom's flower bed once I get that thing weeded and hoed out. There's still an old tree trunk in there!! And rumors of snakes!!! They'd better stay away from me!!

That's about it for now.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Hope you get the switch you want, Ciera.

Ciera said...

so far so good.