Thursday, June 07, 2007

Well, that's over with...

Our new supervisor was chosen....yep, Chris got it...thank God!!! It drove me nuts whenever I was in charge of her. I don't think she had nightmares of me getting the job, like my brother commented below, because I think she had the job before Francis was fired and that the posting of it, and the interviews, were just a formality to make it look fair. But that's just my opinion, whether it was actually that way or not, I dunno. Will probably never know. But that's ok.

I spent this evening pulling weeds at Mom's, because she can't do it, and Liston just won't. I'm going to have to spring to buy her a new lawn mower too. I hope there's a cheap push mower out there somewhere. I say this because I have doubts that Liston will fix the one she has now. Liston does have to do everything just because he lives there still...but it would be nice if he did something. He's not even paying the gas bill like he said he would which he said would be like his rent. I know he has a truck payment to make...but if can go to the bars and drink, then he ought to be able to give his mother some money.

I of course got Acorn happy {pizza} last week and overdrafted my bank account so how I will buy this lawn mower any time soon, I don't know. Hope the lawn doesn't grow much in the between time. I have to learn --------- "Just Say No" to pizza. Well, I won't be having any this week, so maybe that will help. Maybe I'll make a deal with Liston...see which one of us can hold out the longest and see how much money we save!!! Ha!

Sorry I'm not posting very often. Been working hard, and haven't always felt up to coming up the mountain to check my email and blogs and such. When I finally checked my email, I had 49 news ones!!! Oye!! I finally got through them all. Wonder how many I'll have next time I check it! I'm just so tired any more...I don't know if it's becuase of depression, or whether I'm just overworked [and under paid!]

ok...enough for tonight...


Jean-Luc Picard said...

You had supervisor potential, Ciera. It sounds like it can be a hassle where you are though.

Daydream believer said...

Jean-luc always leaves the nicest supportive comments....*smile*

I have the same pizza issues. My favorite! Yum. Did you guys get a rain storm last night?

Glad to see you posted.

Ciera said...

Jean-Luc: what do you mean "had" potential?!?!?!?! I've still got it...prooved it just the other night like I described in my last email. tee-hee! But yes, certain people can be a hassle to be in charge of...the ones who have been there longer and think THEY ought to be in charge!!!!

Daydreamer: Doesn't he though? I think he's one of my biggest fans. And isn't pizza sooo nice?? I do believe we had a rainstorm that night...if it's the night I'm thinking of, we were joking about the lights going out at work and the pregnant lady going into labor
LOL! My posting has been somewhat few and far between hasn't it? I think it's that overworked and underpaid part!!!!