Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not Much

Not much going on tonight. Mom and I just got done watching a CSI rerun. I did some weeding in her flower garden...ok...her WEED garden...but by the time I'm done with it it is gonig to be a fabulous flower garden...even if it takes me the rest of the summer!! I will have dominion over this piece of ground!!! Ggrrrrrr.....

I had to work last night, on my night in the plateroom. I should have some nice overtime in this check though, so that's nice. I feel pretty beat though. I couldn't weed as much as I'd planned cuz my neck hurts, but that might just be cuz of they way I slept.

One thing I'll miss working back in the plateroom is that I won't get to chat as much with Burgandy, but that will be it. I'll actually be working on my own for most of the night, which will be a little wierd. Prepressing back in the plateroom means I get to see all the papers we do long before they ever get put on paper! There is something really kinda cool about that.

Enough for this post...I'm going to dish up some ice cream for mom and me. Cookies and cream...yum! Ok, I like pretty much any ice cream :D

Have I missed writing about anything y'all are curiuos about? Sometimes I forget.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

You know we always like hearing a little more!