Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Job

Sort of! My first night out in the plateroom was Friday...and it went well...sort of! Three of our commercial jobs wouldn't go through the computer...I had the big boss and the IT guy there before it was said and done. Strangely enough, whatever the problem was, wasn't effecting the Daily paper at all. Wierd. I've cut my self once, but that is to be expected since the plate edges are very thin and very sharp...not sure why they're called a 'plate' since they are a rectangular sheet of metal. And when the editor wanted to resend that one page...after one of the four plates had already been put on the press...I should have just told him that it was already on the press. Kirk didn't seem too upset--with me at least. I hope he wasn't. Kirk is the one pressmen that I don't want to upset...not that I want to upset any of them. He's just my favorite one.

Jean-Luc is off for a couple of weeks...I think he said he was going to Iceland and Norway. Never to America though!!! GGrrrrrrrr.........I might have to pout.

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