Monday, November 12, 2007

I did it!

I did something very risky last night! I dropped in on a friend unannounced...not knowing whether or not he would like such a thing. Kirk didn't seem at all put out, and seemed to enjoy the time I was there. I was smart and didn't stay long, maybe half an hour? Maybe not even that.

I was so nervous, because I have this really bad tendancy to completely forget what I'm going to say to him when we're at work. He's had to ask, "What?" far too many times! But we didn't have any of those lulls in our conversation. His tv was on so I was a little distracted, b/c I'm just that way when there's a tv on...though now where nearly as bad as an old church friend. But it was just football, which is something tame and actually something I used as a conversation point [who was he rooting for, did he have a favorite team...etc...]

And...I flirtily asked if I had permission to just drop by in the future or if I should call. It would be a great time for a man to say..."Don't bother." Right? And Kirk's not stupid, even though he is a guy. I mean, I've always been fairly open about my interest in him. Needless to say, I have permission to drop in.

On another note: Mom is sick again!!! At least, she was running a low fever last night after I got back to her place. She had a followup apopintment last week and she still had blood in her pee then. So...maybe she's still sick? Sigh. She's promised to call the doc's in the morning and so it might not get as bad as last time..or earlier? I don't know. I wish they'd figure out what's wrong with her. The IVP they did didn't show any kidney stones, so ... where is the infection coming from?

Off to read more of my latest read: "Echoes" by Kristen Heitzmann. Lovin' it!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Well done on your forward tactics. Asking never hurt anyone.

Sorry about your mother; perhaps she hadn't fully recovered from the last time.

Masked Mom said...

Very brave dropping by. It's very lucky that my Hubby was the brave one--I suffered through countless crushes without mustering the courage to do anything about them. I later learned several of them were mutual but the other person thought I wasn't interested...guess we're not always as transparent as we think, huh?

Ciera said...

thnx Jean-Luc

Yeah, Masked Mom, sometimes we aren't at all tranparent as we think. Of course, since everyone else work knows I like Kirk, I think he must too.

Ciera said...

And no -- mom didn't completely heal from the last time. It's only been 2 weeks since she's been out of the hospital.