Monday, November 05, 2007

Bored Out Of My Mind

Mom is off to a doctor's appointment, so I will probably go home tonight after CSI and sleep in my own bed for a change! So it's just me and the animals sitting here doing nothing but playing on the computer and making phone calls.

Well...trying to make phone calls. I've only actually spoken to one real person so far. I've left a message with the Housing Authority to discuss my rent. I've left a message on Jerry's answering machine, just wanted to ask him some job related questions [so, how am I at multi-tasking under pressure?]. Paige's line was busy...twice. Tempy's number wouldn't go through, so apparently I have to use my phone card for that and I've only got 7 minutes left. And there was no answer at Kirk's, apparently he doesn't have an answering machine or has it programmed not to answer until a later ring [I waited for 7, maybe I should have waited for #8?] but I know he has caller ID so if he wanted to find out why this strange woman [it would have came up with mom's name] is calling him he could. I wonder if any of the people I left messages with will call me back? Maybe tomorrow! lol!

I'll probably try Paige again, even though it'll just be to have her call me back [only 7 minutes on the calling card, remember] I wanted to tell her about the emails I've had today with the editor of our local paper. Of course I'm not experienced enough for the position...but I've got more than enough talent to make up for it. Which the editor did point out. But ~~~ he still wants to meet with me and discuss what can be done to get me that experience. Not what I was looking for...but actually more than I was expecting. Kind of exciting.

Maybe I'll do some more blogging.


Batman said...

Congrats on the 300th post.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It can seem boring, even though you have a klot of things to deal with.