Wednesday, November 28, 2007

In Earnest

So begins the work week. Tina and I waited 2 hours tonight for pages to a paper to show up that..well...never showed up! And Christina isn't talking to me for some reason...even If I'm standing right there, and asking a question about something she just said, she won't answer me and will continue the converstion with the other in, she won't even look at me to acknowledge my presence. WTF?! Are we still in highschool?!?! I mean, how childish! And she keeps going on about how she's 'just one of the guys' b/c she 'grew up with boys and feels more comfortable around them as compared to women.' In other words she doesn't like competition? I mean, I grew up with boys too...5 brothers [2 older, 3 younger]...4 cousins [on my mom's side] in immediate age range...3 nephews that were more like cousins b/c they were close in age range. And most of the kids on the bus were guys, although they routinely tortured me. So, I don't buy her line. Nor do I buy her line that 'just b/c I flirt/tease/joke with them doesn't mean I want to sleep with them'. I can understand teasing and joking...but why flirt with a man if you don't want them that way or like them that way? That's what men call a "tease" - which if they don't end up giving out, from what I have seen, they don't like them all that well. And pressing your breasts into a man doesn't prove that you're one of the guys b/c I'm quite sure that is the last thing he's thinking [my, what manly breasts you have!] Right. You only do that to remind them that you're a girl, usually means you want them....unless you're doing it to tick off the girl that likes them 'special' and she's standing right there watching. Bitch. And then she wonders why we all complain about her.

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