Tuesday, November 06, 2007

300 and counting...

This is it...the much anticipated...long awaited for...300th post. Waaahhoooooo!!!!!!!!!

I'm a little happy right now...even though I had to stay late and help with the Daily...b/c I got to talk to my favorite pressman Kirk. Nothing but small talk, but it's still the most I've gotten to talk to him in a while. Of course, Christina had to butt her nose into it. I don't know why every thing 'male' has to be a competition for her. Even those who can only be her friend, she has to have total attention from them...they can't be our friends too!! Sheesh! Carl is married, Rob is in a serious relationship [not married but they have kids together], and Kirk is over 20 years her senior...and as far as I'm concerned...I have claim on that one! lol!! Well, as much claim as a crush can have...

Anyway. I didn't get the reporter job. "not experienced enough" But he still wants to meet with me and discuss the possibility of me getting some of that needed experience. That'll be interesting.

Sigh. I'm back home. But I wonder for how long? See Mom's decided she'd like me to move back in with her. She likes having me there because she's not alone. I don't know what I'm going to do. There are enough pros and cons to choke a horse on. I'll probably list some in my next post.

~ Off for now. ttyl! :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Happy 300th, Ciera.

You mother might like to to move back, but she may not be expecting you to. Stay firm in your apartment.

rashbre said...

300 posts! Well done.

If you decide to continue with the reporting direction, then I'm sure the daily exercise of blogging will be good for the writing!

In the meantime, maybe write a few pieces for magazines or similar?

And Hello, today Michele sent me!


Star said...

Hello Ciera. Michele sent me. I am enjoying you posts, and congratulations on this milestone. I have to note that your old blog was Amazing Grae and that is the title of my latest post. Some sort of cosmic connection, I am sure. You sound like you are a most determined person. Keep trying for that reporting gig.