Thursday, November 04, 2010

The light are all on...

...but no one can tell!

I had this wierd dream recently, that I can seem to shake.

I was driving by my old church, and cars lined the sides of the street. I knew it was the night of one of their big services, so even though there weren't any lights on, I decided to stop in anyway. I went inside the lights were all on! Nothing was shining out of the windows. Out of the crowd there, only one person spoke to me...good old Kenny...he'd show the Love of God to his worst enemy, he's just that kind of guy.

The thing I can't shake, is that the lights were all on, but no one outside the church could tell. The bible talks about not hiding your light, like putting a bucket over a candle. Basically you shouldn't do it. How else can people see it?!?! Too many Christians have hidden their light...some by their deeds, others by their holier than thou attitude, others by fear (political correctness). I can't say that this is a message toward any one church or person.

I am as guilty at hiding my light as others.

I do not know what kind of witness I am for Christ. I try my best. I fail a lot. I am human.

The funny thing about this particular church I dreamt about that they're now called "The Lighthouse of Faith" Church. ????????? Can you see the irony there?

I don't even know if I could evn bring myself to share it with anyone there. After all, it would be viewed as 'negative' prophecy. And since I am 'living in sin' with a man and God couldn't possibly have anything to do with me, it would be discounted anyways.

But there are some things I just know. This wasn't a normal the one I had after watching the movie "Driven". That was just wierd. But this one...has God written all over it. Whether the message is for me, for really is for all who would call themselves Christians.

Don't hide your light. That spark that lets people know that there's something different about you. Not a bad kind of different. A good kind. The kind that shines a light in a dark people can see the rocks, so they can see the danger if they don't change the way they're going.

Shine on!

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