Thursday, January 05, 2006

eventful week

Here are the events of this week:

Sunday - emotional upset over the treatment of a friend. A prayer trip and meeting for a sick pastor's wife is called off. My pastor's mother-in-law is palced in the hospital on this day.

Monday - A group of us visit "Grandma Rose" as I call her in the hospital and also visit the ill pastor's wife who is in the same hospital.

Tuesday - 2 hour delay for school. Screw the entire day up. Since it was the first day back from Christmas break, it has screwed up my entire week. Learned this night that Grandma Rose died.

Wednesday - Not only did Rose die on Tuesday, another woman from our church was hospitalized and this information was actually withheld the night before [curse pettiness]. So, homegroup being cancelled, we made another trip to the hospital this night. She is doing well, but it was a rather scary happenning. Something to do with her heart taking off and racing up above 200 while not doing anything. She's also only three years older than I am...while she's had this condition all her life and it's only being treated now, it has still rattled me a little.

Thursday - as of this publishing....nothing. Absolutely nothing! I was so tired from everything else this week, that I went back to bed in between busruns this morning [had some freaky wierd dreams but I can live with that]. Although I probably won't get a chance to catch up on all my emailing until tomorrow.

Next week has to get better. I hope! :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sorry the week hasn't been good for you, Ciera.

Ciera said...

It's over and I've got a new one coming up. Hoping it'll better. you'll know :)