Monday, January 16, 2006

What an odd day

What an odd day...completely messes up my regular routine...Headstart, whom I drive bus for does not have school today, but the regular school does. A snow make up day.

So, since our library isn't open in the mornings, except for Friday's and Saturday's...I'm stepping out and am at a larger library for a few. Had a good time the other night at my nephews birthday party...well, I did get slimed with tomato sauce from the pizza from my finger tips to my elbow, but then he is only 4 years old - which would also account for why he enjoyed doing that so much!!! We watch a VeggieTales video afterwards...which I had never seen so I was the one laughing the hardest {Sumo of the Opera} I about died during the part where they were telling the story of St. Patrick and how he was sold as a slave and shipped off to Ireland "where they spoke a different language but we'll pretend that they all spoke English just like Star Trek". I loved it. My brother asked me if I was ok. Great! LOL

I was still at mom's when my other brother called. We talked for...well, I dunno how long it was, but there was a lot of laughter then too.

Yesterday was quiet, but then it was Sunday and they usually are quiet. Same Spent the afternoon by myself as my friend's inlaws were up and who wants to get in the way of that?!!?! I had to help count the money and by the time we were done, I just went home and watched a movie until it was time for the library to open. It was the first time I'd ever seen "Schindler's List" and I about cried.

So.....Since I have a few extra minutes, I'm going to catch up on my blog reading!

Y'all have a good day.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I guess MLK Day has made it a different day for you.

Cliff said...

Schindler's List is an excellent movie.

Ciera said...





Falling and doing a split made it different too.

flu said...

american, or chinese?

Ciera said...

Fluke - ????????what??????????

flu said...

the splits you fell into... were they american, or chinese?

Ciera said...


let's just say that I could have fibbed and said I was practicing a breakdancing move.

flu said...

chinese in when your legs go wide to either side, and american is when one leg goes straight out front, and the other goes straight out back. One's easier than the other.