Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Row row row your boat and the bus monitor drama!

I remember back in January 1996 when the northeast first had a blizzard, and then it immediately warmed up and we had a flood! It's looking a lot like it did back then right now. We had half a day yesteday because someone panicked at the weather report---we never got the freezing rain until after 6PM. But it has since warmed up and it's flooding out. Not bad...small stream flooding and some low field flooding. I've made a few sprays with the bus going through the little bit of water that's running over the road...which, shh, was kind of fun. The water is poring off the rocks in one of the small towns south of little water falls...right next to the solid ice cycles hanging down...very pretty actually.

Instead of griping about the idiots at church, gonna change gears and have a good laugh at Headstart. After the start of this year, we were supposed to have bus monitors start riding with us. They do come in handy in an emergency. But.....they advertised so poorly in this town that they'd only had one person apply. ONE person!!!!! There are two busses. So, no matter what, the teachers and aides are supposed to start taking turns riding starting this Friday. Uhm...we tried this before and it didn't work and Central Office got an extension. So...they're actually going to try and fight it! Like, what's Central Office going to do? Fire all six of them? LOL. I'm glad that I'm a contracted driver and that I don't actually work for Headstart directly...they'd drive me completely nuts and I've got enough to handle!



Cliff said...

I drive a transit bus. I don't NEED a monitor.

Daydream believer said...

My basement turns into an indoor swimming pool on days like this.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

One person apply??

It doesn't seem a position many are seeking!

Ciera said...

Sure Cliff---rub it in. :P

Daydreamer---ooh, doesn't sound good.

Jean-Luc---most people have the misconception that I drive a bus full of screaming kids do NOT scream...if they get too loud I firmly tell them to use their inside voices...and if I have to repeat myself more than once, I pull the bus over and that uselly brings absulote silence! Really, I have the best behaved kids around...can't say the same for the other headstart bus, Eddie let's them get away with anything!

M. C. Pearson said...

Hey Ciera, thanks for your prayers and kind thoughts. I'm still a bit sick but am finally feeling up to blogging.

I had to ride the bus once for our Children's husband usually did the honor. We had our own bus because the kids were, um, 'at-risk' youth and apt to acting up. The ages were from k-12 graders. Not a fun ride. I shocked them so much the day I rode that they were really quiet. But, yeah, you need to be in charge and not let things slip by because they will keep testing to see how far they can go. I'm glad you are firm with them. Makes it easier for you and helps them learn boundaries!