Friday, March 10, 2006

It's quiet here...

I have the library all to myself for the's actually closed over the lunch hour...and I'm supposed to be cleaning...but the vacuum cleaner is broken...honest! It is! I flip the switch and it starts going high pitched like it's gonna blow up! Yes, I checked the dust compartment and made sure it wasn't too full. I don't know whether to see if it sucks or not...well, I know it "sucks", but does it "suck". LOL.

Not much else to say. Well, prayer meeting was ok last night. We watched two videos though and most of the prayers were in the form of 'yes, Lord! Do it here too Lord.'

Headstart is off on Friday's so I don't have to drive bus. I slept in until almost 9 today...that was nice. Ok, it was more like 8:30, but I didn't get up right away.

I still have to finish packing for the weekend trip to my brother's.


Ciera said...

:( ?? My vacuum isn't working doesn't suck, it drops everything back down.

Joe said...

I would love to have a whole library to myself. Sounds nice and relaxing!

Here via Michele.

Karen said...

Well, I guess you don't want anyone to comment on the rock salt clog since we can't comment on that post. (Something about not being authorized.)

I can relate to the rock salt thing since it's EVERYWHERE here in thawing Wisconsin!

Michele sent me!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Rock salt? Where does it all come from?

Ciera said...

Karen: not sure what happened there, sorry.

Jean-Luc: we use it to melt ice on our sidewalks and so when people come in the door they can't help but track it in