Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sigh. It's Wednesday---all day today. Home Groups tonight...Pastors are gone so the ladies will be at my friend Paigey's house [does this mean we can turn the tv on right at 8 for American Idol? Hey - the guys are singing tonight!]

Headstart might take the kids to the County Library tomorrow morning, which is always fun [serious] though it will mean a rushed morning. Unless it snows. Which it might since WNEP says it's going to be 'ugly' tomorrow---always a comfort.

The bus monitor and I were on the bus thing morning---driving into the rising sun...and the rays were coming through the clouds just so that it looked like it was shining intensely on one spot...and she started sharing something about how one of her grandkids always thought it meant Jesus was coming back, which is what I had just thought, so I told her that..."Jesus? Is that you? Is it now? Please????" Despite her incessant chatter over the radio the rest of the time, this was a nice moment in the morning.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I know what you mean about driving into the sun; it's so low at this time.

Cliff said...

Oh, OH! I'm going to beat Fluke to a singing comment! HAHA!

"What if Jesus comes back like that? Oh what if Jesus comes back like that?"

That's a good one.

flu said...

Oooohhhhh... what if Jesus comes baaa...

Aww, man!

*shakes fist at Cliff*

Paige said...

I was also thinking this the other day. It is wonderful happy thought. When he does come...all shall know in the flash of a son beam. {not a typo}

Ciera said...

been a busy couple of days sue to snow. trying to catch up with myself still!

isn't that Collin Ray's song you guys are singing? fight nice boys!

Hi Paige! Loved how you worded that!