Friday, March 24, 2006


It's Friday. I'm tired, had some freaky dreams. I'm bummed, my friend hasn't emailed me so I don't know if she's still mad at me and I can't go to her house because when someone kicks you out of their house you can't just go back, u know?


But it's time for lunch. So I'm breaking from blogging and stuff for a few hours and will be back. Who knows what'll happen in the meantime.

I swear, I get in less trouble here than I do in the "real world".


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think you may have to approach her and offer an olive branch here, Ciera. Hope the two of you become friends again soon.

Ciera said...

Oh, I've approached her...and have been told how influenced I am by the devil...

aren't we all to some degree?


Cliff said...

What is gossip? My dictionary of bible words tells me, "The gossip whispers poisonous reports in someone's ear in private that he or she would not dare to say in front of the person talked about." According to this defenition, if you are willing to talk about it with the person of topic in conversation, then it is not gossip. My Pastor actually says something about different about it though. He goes so far to suggest that if you have a problem concerning a person, then the person that you talk to about the problem should have some role to play in solving the problem, otherwise, it is gossip. Could it be a mixture of these two definitions? Just some food for thought. I mean, if there is a problem with your friend and someone else, wouldn't you be a good friend if you could help bring about a solution by talking about it, and promoting that solution, whatever it may be? I mean, there have been times in my life when I talked to a person about someone else so that the person I was talking about could be helped, or so that a conflict could be resolved. I don't know what the details of your situation are, but I just thought maybe, and I do mean maybe, it might be a help to you. If this is no help at all, and just confuses things, pretend I said nothing.

Ciera said...



It was something I wouldn't have said in front of the other person, which is why I didn't want to talk about it. But since my friend would have been present had it not been for an important meeting, she didn't think it was wrong for me to share what was upsetting me. According to her, I apparently had some sort of demonic freak out about it.

Great. Just what I need.