Monday, January 22, 2007

Bee Who You're Meant To Bee

Found this pic online and thought it was neat. Up close and personal of a Bee --- being a Bee.

And I am, if nothing else, a writer and a poet. As I was posting an old poem on my poetry blog, I felt another poem stir----kind of like a 'part two' or a sequel to it. It was really kind of a neat experience. The new poem I'll post tomorrow on Heart of a Poet. Just because I can! I am so encouraged by this. I went almost a whole year without being able to write a single poetic word...and it's been almost as long if not longer since I've been able to write fiction...but this is my second poem in less than a week. And they're pretty good.

In fact, the last poem I wrote, "Fire In The Sky", also posted on my blog Heart of a Poet so went with church Sunday morning. The songs that Sean led worship with and Pastor's sermon. That was encouraging too. It's not about just seeing God's glory for ourselves, although it is a GREAT thing to behold...awesome...but it's also so that we can be changed in order to show others His glory, to show them Him and His love for them. It's about souls.

OK. I'm done preaching!

For now! :)


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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A bee is a very good role model; very productive.