Monday, January 29, 2007


I am somewhat recovered from my pity party from yesterday. Somewhat. I went home from church yesterday and slept....all the rest of the day. Woke up about midnight but decided to stay in bed. Got up about 6 this morning, knowing that my sleep schedule is now messed up again.

The cost for most of the repairs for my car is at $150. This will be going up once the totals for the inspection [which was past due] are added. I'll find that out tomorrow. Still - that's not a bad price, especially since I hit it so hard! Nothing runs like a deer - until it gets in my way!!!

Of course, I don't quite have the money to fix'd be so nice to have that kind of money just laying around! {I'd have gone to England myself a long time ago if that were so!} But, like some people have mentioned, our income taxes will be coming in shortly, or it should once we get all of our W2's! I'll have to catch up on rent some other way.

Like I said to Pastor Sharon a little while ago...I'm depressed and anxious. Which honestly is to be expected right now.



Jean-Luc Picard said...

Ciera, I hope you're feeling a lot better than you were when you typed your last message.

As we've said, fate placed us in different parts of the world. It was tough to accept, but we had to.

Ciera said...

no. I'm not. just not vocalizing it right now.

Ciera said...

I don't believe in FATE.

and there have been other stories of people meeting on opposite sides of the ocean and things working out for them.

We're not powerless in our lives.

Daydream believer said...

Oh my darling Ciera, I didn't know you were posting...I hadn't checking in. Boo -- bad blog friend I am. I've felt what you felt many times and doesn't it feel better to write it down? It is wonderful on the good days to look back and see the yucky days and think: Why did I feel like that? So write whatever strikes your fancy that day. This is the weird queen speaking herself. :) I believe that when I write in bloggerville, it keeps me from acting that way in real life. An emotional landfill if you will.

Have better days...