Saturday, January 20, 2007


I thought that this was an interesting result to this quiz...but I love that pic...wish my legs were really that nice!!!

What Spirit of Emotion Lives Within You?

The spirit of desperation lives within you. You hate the state of your life and are desperate to improve it, but feel trapped in your circumstances. You are frantic to escape your life, but don't know how.
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I haven't got anything else I much want to say right now. Life is the same old grind stone. I'm at the tail end of a 7 day work stretch, I have to get through tonight then I'll have Sunday and Monday night off. Monday Mom has some minor surgery, but they're putting her out for it, and she very heavily hinted that she would like me there for it. Sister Sara has a cyst on her ovary. Steve won't pay back the money my brother Cliff spent on him in August and he's threatened to go to the cops claiming that I'm 'harrassing' him....asshole anyways [Steve, not CLiff!!] Paige, whom I don't visit much anymore, because she gives me as much anxiety as Steve did, just gave me a present, a nice little throw blanket that could double as a wall hanging....a nice picture with the Serenity Prayer on it.....and I so can't help but wonder if she has a motive, but I am just hoping that she gave it to me just because, ya know? And I sure do say a lot for someone who said she didn't have a lot to say! Shutting up now!!! :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It's the Spirit of Sorrow for me.

I'm sure the cops will get a laugh over him being harassed by you.

Ciera said...

Somehow the spirit of sorrow just doesn't seem right for you Jean-Luc. :(

And you're right about the cops...which might have just been a scare tactic like him telling me how he murdered a man and blowing up people's cars...I should have dared him to take the last letter I sent him to the was so nice they'd probably just laugh at him!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I was disappointed by that result as well.

forsakenprodigy said...

I am sure that yoru friend only meant to encourage you with that blanket/wall hanging thing. I think she just cares about you.