Saturday, August 04, 2007

Snow Blind!

And in the middle of summer no less! I swear...I had this problem, at least for a little while, this evening at work. I missed a BIG mistake for Saturday's classifed section...all the dates on the even pages...were on the wrong side!!!! I didn't catch this until after they classified people had went I had to cut the datelines on the negatives {all 5} and move them over! This was done on top of our light table that we use to check the negs I was bending over this table, getting really close, to do this precision cutting...I couldn't turn the light off, becuz then I wouldn't have been able to see what I was cutting! My eyes still feel a little twitchy from this.

That was just the start of the night too! I later noticed that I had missed a mistake in Sunday Classies as well...but Tina was able to fix that mistake easily...she just had to resend it in color. But all this put me behind. I didn't get to eat my lunch - ok, drink it since I'm doing the SlimFast thing right now - until after 11pm...which trust me, is late for me.

I also didn't notice a note from the boss until after I'd been there for almost 5 hours!! While my powers of observation was a little off last night - just a little!!! ----My nose was still working. This is going to sound soooo snobbish of me, but - I'm gonna say it anyways! Not only did my nose tell me that Kirk smelled nice, but he smelled much nicer than JuneBug...MUCH nicer...but JuneBug smelled stronger. Sour, like he either hadn't washed at all, or he hadn't washed his clothes, which is much the same thing in this hot weather. And the kicker is----I never stood more than a couple feet close to either man!!!! I mean, I've never stood very close to JuneBug...situations never called for it. Now Kirk, I've had to get quite close to...because if we don't talk right into each others ears when the press is running, we'd never be able to hear each other!!!!

Sigh. Just sitting here waiting for the bank to open so I can cash my paycheck. I had wanted to get up early this afternoon and go do it {Friday}, but I ignored my alarm clock and kept on snoozing. Maybe next week. So I'm here blogging and pimping up my MySpace's just so fun adding all sorts of pics and graphics to it...I probably go a little overboard, but I figure it's my space, so I can have whatever I want there right?

Birthday picnic was nice...although the funny thing is that Paige actually forgot she had said 'cookout'...but she went with the flow very nicely and didn't make me fell bad about it. She had Roger grill up some hamburgers, put on some pork-n-beans since Diana bailed on the party and I had asked her to bring her baked beans...her lover must be hung pretty good for her to be dropping me like she is.

31 doesn't feel all that much different from 30...or 29...just another year older.

I think when I get my check cashed...I'm gonna get something chocolate. Not much, cuz I'll have to go to bed and get some sleep before heading back into work tonight. And maybe some bread, or tortilla so I can have a wrap sandwhich. And some bacon. I'm making myself hungry!!! But definately chocolate!

I think I lost my goth tinkerbell that I had on my MySpace profile...oops...I'll have to refind the code now! Drats! I know I lost the 'love me 4 who i am' postage stamp that I had, but I couldn't refind that one last I checked, so that's prob lost for good :( I have to go look for her...she was just so cute! I don't want to lose her!!

I found her!! Yay!! I've even posted her here cuz I think she's just so adorable!! I had a little trouble getting her to go exactly where I wanted her to on MySpace, she tried cutting out another graphic I had...brat! But I got them both squared away :) Which really makes me rather happy!
Ok, I've been on this computer long enough. I'm going to go check one thing, then I'm gonna watch a movie for awhile...I've got Jonah - A VeggieTales movie all set to go in mom's dvd player :)

ttyl! :)


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Who said there was a global warming? Your goth Tinkerbell looks really gorgeous!

Ciera said...

gorgeous just like me! :P