Saturday, August 11, 2007

So, here's the deal...

What a pretty picture. Which is the only reason I posted it. It has nothing to do with anything!

So. The first thing you need to know for this story is that there is a church group coming to help my mother clean up the property this day. None of us go to this church. Our only connection is that we used to go to church with the man who is spearheading the idea...years ago....when I was still in high school. They're just doing this to bless her.

Ok. So. Thursday night at work, my mom calls and wants to know if I'm planning on coming up after work to check my email. Which I had been planning on, so I told her yes. "Well, you'll have to come in the front door." ???? "Why," I ask. there aren't any steps to the front door of the trailor at all. "You're brother was walking the dogs and the ramp collapsed on him." !!!! "Well," says I, "Thank God it wasn't you."

I must say that I wasn't concerned for Liston cuz he's a young lad and leaps up from these things still.

I was very upset that he just left for the night though...with no way out for Mom. She'd have been rapped if there was a fire or something.

Then I get another call.....

"You'll never guess who's here..." I hate guessing games!

It turns out that one of them men who are coming today had "just happened" to show up that night wanting to inspect the work site. Needless to say, the ramp was repaired that night so Mom could get in and out. Not sure if they're gonig to work on it more today. But, since she wants me here for some reason....I don't think I'm going to get much sleep today.

Maybe it's a good thing I'm drinking coffee again! LOL!


I got some overtime this morning, if I'm allowed to keep it. I had to fly the daily until sports was done because we were a little shorthanded last night. If I'd waited three more minutes to punch out, I'd've had a whole hour over....but then, the week's not over yet!

I don't have my notebook with me...I took it home so it wouldn't be in the way in case there is house cleaning I can't work on my Trek story :( Maybe Monday though.

I've been very, I dunno...feeling like I want to write recently. I mean, like stories. Which is good. I haven't wanted to in a long while. I got that little story over on my MySpace blog that I've been writing...I had my Journey series stuff out the other night looking at it and plotting...I've had my Zion story out looking at it too....I'm never short on ideas, so I'm not sure why I've had such a problem writing my stories. Oh well. Maybe it'll come to an end soon. Worth hoping for right?

But not today...cuz I"m beginning to be tired...and people are supposed to show up in just over an hour :( :) ???

I have one more thing to check, a writing course...Long Ridge Writers...and then I'm offline for a while.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

It looks like you have a busy day!