Saturday, August 18, 2007

What are the odds?

What are the odds that the two books I picked up at the library would have the exact same theme? Well, close enough. The first book's title says it all..."Deception". I finished reading "Skin" by Ted Dekker just the other day...and I've really been thinking about this. First of all, literarily speaking, there are few things sadder than reading a well written book that has been poorly edited. This one was such a book. I found at least six typos and errors that should never have made it through to the press. It was about a group who were trapped in a virtual reality "game" that was meant to be like a gov't test...and one of the "gamers" managed to take over...and was putting the other players through all sorts of ordeals in an attempt to kill them. He succeeded with killing two of them. The other the end of the book...are still alive...and right up until the very end, think they were freed from the game...uhm, no!!! the previous book, we had a police detective trying to solve a murder...which always includes 'deception' cuz the killer never wants to be caught! This one actually tried framing several of his co-workers [uhm, he was a cop!] and even "framed" himself to throw off suspicion!! So, the lesson from both books can't trust what you see, can't even trust your first impressions of something/someone. Sounds harsh, and I'm not going to go overboard, believe you me! It was a good reminder that things aren't always what they seem...and that there is a "reality" far more real than what we can see around us. Regardless of the typos in "Skin", I would recommend both books. Both kept me turning the pages loooong after I should have been in bed!
In other news....I was shorted on my paycheck!!!! By 1.5 hours!!! I can't think they would deduct that much time for being a few minutes late, but I fully intend on finding out tonight! It seems to me, that if you stay a few minutes longer to make up, then it should even out --- right? Whatever. I more than make up with it in the next paycheck as I had 5 hours overtime...3 from last Saturday alone! Which, not that anyone cares....but my feet still hurt from that!!!
I'm hungry. Not sure if I ought to scrounge around for something to eat, as it's not good to eat too soon before bed....but bed won't be until after 8am...which gives me plenty of time as it is not even 4am yet. I don't know what Mom has that I can munch on. I might find out. Ok, I've convinced myself.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

A book with all those typos is bad. Perhaps you should have been a proofreader?