Friday, August 10, 2007

Not much...

Not much to report...spent too much time online and didn't even get to reply to my emails...but I did get up a new Trek post, so maybe Jean-Luc will forgive me for slacking...suuure he will :)
An uneventful night at work, which is always good. Though they waited until late to send all the pages at once. Oh well.
I can't think of anything else to post right now, mostly cuz I'm tired. But I know that once I get home from Mom's...I'll be too awake to sleep. I have this problem even when I don't stop here to Mom's before heading home. Not sure what the problem is there. But it usually means I'll have trouble getting up in the afternoon to go to work. Of course, part of that is from not drinking coffee like I usually I'm going through a mini caffiene withdrawl...which would also explain some of the headaches. Ooops! Didn't do it on purpose!! I'll have to treat myself to a cup of coffee later :D
Have a good day everyone :D

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I'll go take a look.