Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sleepless in Pennsylvania

I can't sleep. It's about 5AM, which is only sometimes my bedtime...a lot of times I don't try until 6. But I'm at Mom's and Liston's alarm clocks have been going off since a little after 4:30...he has two, three if you count his wrist watch...one he never shuts off, he just lets it beep and beep and beep...........why he hits snooze on one and not the other is beyond me. So, here I am unable to sleep, bothered by his alarms and by thoughts that won't shut up.

I guess I'm worrying a little bit about the big meeting that is going to take place later today at work. I guess Jerry [the head supervisor] pissed Rob [the next supervisor under him] off and Rob went to Brian [Jerry's boss]. There is a good chance that Jerry could get fired or demoted. I hope he's just demoted for a time, because I actually feel safer when Jerry's there. Which is actually a little odd b/c Jerry is as dirty as the rest of the guys there [although I've never heard Kirk be dirty, but he is a guy, so Lord only knows] but Jerry's never been that way toward me. Unlike Rob.

I put in a call to Brian, asking him to call me so that I can talk about something that happened last Thursday with me and Rob...where he wouldn't let me go home early [Inever ask to go home early] and I had overtime to burn up and the girl who could have taken over for me wasn't doing anything anyways [except sitting in the office with Rob kissing his ass...or something else]. It was wrong, and I shouldn't have to feel like I have to strip for my boss in order to go home early on a night when there was no reason why I couldn't have gone home. So I'm probably a little worried about that as well.

But anyway. Let's talk about something else now shall we?

Ok. Let's.

I recently read a pretty good book. "House" by Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker; two of my favorite authors by the way. It was good. Kind of deep, as I haven't completely figured out some of there symbolism though. Who was White, the bad guy, anyways? Was he a demon, or a man that was evil? Some of it was pretty straight forward...like the funky pudding, that was actually made of rotten dog food, representing sin. How we can wolf it down, with its sweet tasting deceptive narcotic effects, until we see it for what it really is...rotten. Blech. It was right up there with Frank's book "The Oath" though, in that I didn't really relish reading it in the dark. It was, shall we say...suspenseful? I mean, it was about two ordinary couples who were lost and had car trouble [deliberately by the bad guy] and they were trapped in this freaky inn and freaky hosts....with a "haunted" basement of all things. Twisted corridors and doors that led into dark tunnels. And they couldn't really work together because the bad guy had issued a mandate...a dead body by dawn or they were all dead. No pressure there. I will probably read it again someday...see what it is I've missed and see if I can't get some more understanding.

I guess. I'll probably switch over to my Fiction blog and work on my Trek story to help myself unwind somemore.

Sounds like a plan to me. I love how that story is going. I can't help it. I love alternate time lines of Trek, and anything to do with Q is a boon as well. Enough chatter from me. It's now almost 5:30 and I'd best try to get some relaxing done so that I can sleep. Work will come all too soon.

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