Friday, January 21, 2011


Finally!! The weekend is here! I am so tired! And I didn't even work 40 hours this week...let;s see...6 on Monday, 7 on Tuesday, 4.5 on Wednesday, 7 on Thursday, 5.5 today{Friday}=30 hours. I left early on Monday for an 'interview' at Dupont, was late on Wednesday, left early today to take Mom to the Packer so she could be "pre-admitted" for her procedure in February. Still, 30 hours in that wretched cold place certainly feels like 40. And then some. Not to mention its COLD on the outside too! The bank temp said 11degrees F on my way home from Mom's.

I have new bruises this week from the awkwardness of my work station. Which no one cares about. The Blue Hat, my immediate suprvisor, gave me another product to pull if I have everything, I have the potential to have 8 different products to pull of the line. When I commented about how overwhelmed I was feeling, the answer I got, other than to come to work everyday, was, "If I can do it, I expect you to do it." I have a hard time saying what I want to this woman: "Uhm,'re tall and thin...I'm short and fat...there's no way I'm always going to be able to do everything you do." Don't get me wrong...I'm trying...but the feeling of anxiety I get trying to do this is BS! Half the reason why I left the Daily was too much uncalled for anxiety.

Not going to do much this weekend. Gonna stay in where it's warm and probably blog blog blog! Ok, I might do some laundry and nag Justin to do something other than play Halo aaalll weekend, but odds are that's what he's gonna do!

Oh well. At least we have fuel in the tank and are warm. And I can bake if the mood so strikes! Hmmmmm.....

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Cindy Caudle said...

I hear you about work. So glad it's the weekend. Stay warm and enjoy the days off.