Saturday, January 22, 2011

Should I?

I am barely out of bed this Saturday morning. Maybe, no not even an hour. I haven't made my coffee, or had breakfast, but I did take my medicine. Speaking of coffee...I paused long enough to start it brewing. It'll be eggs for breakfast, since I didn't pick up any oatmeal yesterday. Not likely I'll get any this pay period...maybe next week. Sigh.

Should I...? Why not? I'm thinking of doing a Weekend Question, just like my blogger buddy Jean-Luc...though I doubt mine will ever be as good as his. His this weekend is about books you don't finish. Since I don't recall any since high school, I'm not doing that one! Besides, that would be rude!

So, I'm going to borrow Family Life Network's topic from earlier this week. Pet peeves! As I was listening to Sonny talk about pet peeves, his and the callers, I was stumped. I know that I have them, I just drew a blank that afternoon.

One of mine, is when I'm driving along and the vehicles ahead of me are stopped for a green light! Green means go! Hello?!?! Granted sometimes we're daydreaming and we don't realize the light had turned...or we just see the traffic lights and we automatically stop. I say we, because this is a pet peeve I'm guilty of! I've been driving right along, come to traffic light and stopped even though the light was green! And no, I wasn't on the cell phone!

Another pet peeve of mine involves language. I hate it when people use the F-bomb incorrectly...and especially when they put it in the middle of "Oh My God" or "Jesus Christ". Drives me NUTS. I heard it so often while I worked at the Daily, that I sometimes think it like that in my head...and then I beat myself up. It's blasphemous, just for starters. And I love my God and Savior and don't want to think like that. It's a very insidious word and I don't like it. I'm not in that environment any more so I'm hoping I'll unlearn it.

You're turn! What are your pet peeves?

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Julie said...

Don't beat yourself up, its not you saying those words. My Saturday now late afternoon and going well. Julie