Saturday, January 15, 2011



I've often wondered what my purpose in life is. Just the other day Justin and I were talking about his life, about how I would be devestated if he were to die. He is a daredevil, especially in a vehicle, and has probably cheated death more than I would care to listen to. He's almost given me a heart attack or two! In his defence, he is a young man with a need for speed. I just hope the cops catch him before the Grim Reaper does! Don't tell him I said that.

He has often said, especially early in our relationship, that he would be surprised if he lived to see 25. Well, he turns 24 in March, so we're almost there. I was taken back a little by something he said. I had asked him a question, about wanting to live. And he replied, "What's the point?"

This disturbed me more than a little, mostly because I didn't know how to explain my feelings on the matter so that he would understand. Verbally I'm not always very eloquent with my words. Given the confusion one time when I was trying to explain a commercial to him, I'm not sure how to give him and answer to one of mankind's biggest questions.

What is my purpose? What's the point to all this stuff we've got going on? A lot of our "stuff" is pointless and window dressing on what life should really be.

In short, our pupose is to live. That's my thoughts on the matter, after many years of thinking about it. If it sounds too simple, well it is simple. God created us to ... live! What that means to different people, I don't know. For me it means living life to the fullest, not getting sidetracked by silly things for too long. To enjoy the people around us, especially our family. Using my God given talents how I see fit (That's another post for another time). And honestly one facet of our life is to show off God's handiwork. "This is what God has done in my life..." To witness to otheres just how great of a God I serve. Sometimes this means being verbal, sometimes this means writing an worship poem or weaving Him into a short story and posting it on my blog, and sometimes it means just shutting up becuase it's not always about me!

While I might not have the answer to the question of purpose in other's lives, I've found the answer to my own question. Surely, some of this answers other's, but the part about writing doesn't pertain to everyone. Too bad I didn't figure some of this out sooner...I mean, my blogs laid silent for almost 2 years, but the fountain of writing was closed to me and it only broke when I left the Daily.

Purpose is something we all long for, but not every one find the answer. And sometimes, we will never see the impact of our words and our deeds until we're on the other side of our life. We can never fully see how we impact others' lives. I mean, I write in faith. I don't have the following I once had here...but I hope that there are still readers out there that just don't comment. Somedays I'm ok with that, other times not so ok, but I deal with it. I write and hope that someone out there is positively effected by my writing, that they enjoy my poems and short story, that my ups and downs gives perspective to their lives as reading other blogs gives me a different perspective on my own life.

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