Sunday, January 23, 2011

Yahoo Comments

Sometimes I wonder why Yahoo allows comments on their stories.

I'm all for the 1st Amendment, Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, and Expression. I think it's great. But reading comment on Yahoo stories makes me think that there are some people out there who just shouldn't be expressing themselves online. It makes America looks ignorant.

Not stupid. Ignorant. There's a difference. Stupid can be fixed...a little teaching, a little guidance, a little enlightenment...voila! Ignorant doesn't want to be fixed. They're happy with their sick dumb-ass opinions.

It amazes me how quick grown adults are to trash someone else, even if it's an innocent child. I remember one story a while back about a little girl who was being teased about liking Star Wars by the boys at school. Apparently these boys either liked her or had never been told that sci-fi is for girls too. It upset the girl to the point of tears when her mom asked why she wanted to change her Star Wars lunch thermos for something else. Whether this was handled correctly by the adults involved in the story, I have no opinion. Should the teacher been more aware of what was going on in the lunch room? Maybe. But that's hard. You can't monitor kids all the time. And I'm kind of glad that it hit the Internet and media because of how much positive came out of it for the little girl. But I was surprised at the absolute venom released in the comment forum at her. I hope her parents were wise and that she never saw all that negativity and outright hate. Towards a 7 year old girl. By so-called adults. Disgusting.

It's one thing to debate whether the teasing was bullying and how bad it was. We weren't there and we're not 7 anymore. I was both teased and bullied at that age, and years later it all merges into each other. Teasing gone too far is bullying in my opinion. People who've never been bullied should keep their lack of experience in mind when they talk about it. And giving a 7 year old a hard time because she cried? Puh-lease! She's 7, it was a totally age appropriate response. Give her a few more years before you start lying to her about how big girls don't cry {another post}.

It's sad. But apparently the 1st amendment grants us freedom to be ignorant too.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Cyber bullying is new, but it exists.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo should take responsibility for these comments. People are making up facts, saying the most hateful things that can, and it has to be complained about by other readers to get it taken off. By the time that's done, the damage is out there. Other websites state explicit rules for posting, yet Yahoo let's every moron spout out their venom. Yet, I've noticed they don't allow comments on some stories.

Anonymous said...

I miss the comments function on Yahoo News which was Left Leaning like the rest of the Main Stream Obama Media. At least there was an opportunity to be heard despite your ideology.