Saturday, November 26, 2005


Here is an exerpt from an article by Lisa Bevere called "Stopping a Fight Before It Gets Out of Hand" that I thought would share. This deals with day to day relational issues, which is exactly what I have been struggling with.

Lisa says, "By overlooking an offense, we are like obediant children who say, 'Father, I know I can trust You with this one. It is too big and painful for me. I refuse to lash back; instead I lay it at Your feet and forgive.' It is a guesture that declares our royal birthright. For forgiveness imitates the Son of God to a dying earth. To overlook means to look above and choose to see things on a higher level than where the offense was committed. It is to pretend not to notice and extend grace and mercy when you would have rather exercised judgment."

I was cut to the heart when I read this, as I haven't been doing very well when it comes to forgiveness recently. To forgive as I have been forgiven...and as I wish to be forgiven. I can not want my best friend to forgive and forget my trespasses against her unless I am willing to extend the same grace to her.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some phrases prompt us to think deeply.

M. C. Pearson said...

It really is scary that Jesus said to judge not, lest you be judged. We all need to be a LOT more forgiving and so much less judgemental!

flu said...

I've found that, in the past, when I've prayed for a more forgiving spirit, or for patience, or to have a loving spirit in any and all situations... soon afterwards I'm tested by something seemingly unforgivable, or extremely trying, or I find myself face to face with someone very unlovely in a bad situation.

These divine trials test you and grow you in immeasurable ways. They force you to grow, mature and learn.

For example, I've learned to quit praying for a more forgiving spirit, or for patience, or to have a loving spirit in any and all situations.

See how well it works?

Rob said...

Strong suf, ciera. Amazing how profound the "simple" parts of Christianity are, huh?

Ciera said...

Fluke - reminds me of the farmer's wife and the kicking cow...the cow would kick, so she prayed for patience...before the end of the week, all the cows in the barn were kicking!

Rob - yeah. :)

Z.sais said...

i hear you.

Ciera said...

Hi Ebon! I'd visit your blog, but I didn't find one on your profile. That's ok. thanks for stopping by.