Friday, November 11, 2005

A Twist on the Weekend Question

This weekend, and this weekend only, I'll answer any three questions posed to me by the commentors. Be nice and family friendly, please and thank you.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

1: Favourite Song?

2: Favourite Book?

3: What do you enjoy doing most of all?

Ciera said...


Favorite song: Grace like Rain by Todd Agnew. It's basically 'Amazing Grace' but with a chorus added and yes, a few notes have been changed.

Favorite book: In the Bible, Psalms and Romans. In fiction---uhm, harder one. Too many to narrow down to just one.

Enjoy most: imagining stories to write.

Anybody else want to ask me anything?

Trée said...

Favorite movie?

Have you ever been madly in love with another person?

Favorite vacation getaway location?--money is no object.

Ciera said...

favorite movie: presently it's Batman Begins

Madly in love: I thought I was, but it turned out I wasn't. Madly infatuated perhaps....

favorite getaway/vacation: hmmm. If money is no object and I can go anywhere...Hawaii. is an object so I usually just end up locking my door and pulling the drapes so no one knows I'm home. Since people don't expect me there, they generally buy it. LOL!

Next? :)

Shelley said...

1) favorite food?

2) favorite movie?

3) when did you realize that you were actually an ADULT? Was there an "aha" moment?!

flu said...

I'm not too late, am I?

Wait, don't answer that... that wasn't one of my questions...

1. What comprises the perfect guy?

2. What's your favorite childhood memory?

3. Have you traveled out-of-state?... out-of -country? If so, where? Where would you like to go that you have not yet been to? Where have you been to that you'd like to return to?

Uh... yeah, that whole travel heap counts as one.

Ciera said...

Shelley asked:

Favorite food - Hmm. Macaroni and Cheese - homemade is best. Especially if you throw in chunks of ham.

favorite movie - Tree asked this and I am happy to say that Batman Begins hasn't been replaced as favortie movie yet!

An "Aha" moment when I realized I was an adult - - - uhm, ah..."AHA!" I AM an adult, aren't I?!?!?! Actually it hit me a few years back and I'm still recovering.

Fluke - - well, I would consider bending the rules just for you.... :-D

Perfect guy: Godly, Christian, soft spoken even when angry, smart, funny, serious {no that's not a contradiction}, gentle, listens......well, just for starters! ;-)

Favorite childhood memory: when I was like 4 or 5 and I was hounding my dad for peanut butter cake and even though I was interupting he got up and hunted for a recipe that didn't exist! 2nd favorite would be when all 5 of us kids laid out a tarp and got blankets and pillows and 'camped out' under the stars for a few hours one summer to watch the meteor shower {and bats!}

tarvel stories-----I'll have to post later because it is now time to go take the bus load of kids home. Promise to answer!!!

Ciera said...

To finish Fluke's questions:


States I have been to - - New York, New Jersey, Maine or New Hampshire {I can never remember which, I'll have to ask the sister I visited}, Washington D.c., Virginia, Ohio, Indiana. Of course, several different towns and such in my home state of Pennsylvania.

Sad to say I've never been out of the US. I'd like to see more states though.

Outside of the US - I would like to someday go to the UK, Russia, Australia...and everywhere in between!

I'd like to go back to Virginia sometime, had fun there. Maybe this time I could get to go to Williamsberg and see the "Old" village.

flu said...


...but on the perfect guy thing - no physical characteristics?

Rob said...

Oh, dang! I missed the fun. That's what I get for being sick!

Ciera said...

Fluke - nope. Not going there. Good hygeine would be nice, uhm, no tissue hanging out his nose if it's been bloody. I do like a nice smile though.

Rob - You would be another one I would bend my rules for. If you want to ask me three questions, go ahead...after all - you were sick. Perfectly good reason. :)

Rob said...

ok, are you...
1) Glass half empty or full?
2) Homebody or outdoorsy?
3) Content?

Ciera said...

Sure...can't make it easy can you!

1 - glass half empty. I'm always thirsty so the glass can never be too full.

2 - homebody or outdoorsy. Depends. I can do both. I like to get out of doors and go for walks and stuff, but I've never had much luck camping. And as my friends can testify, I am seldom home. Always on the go somewhere.

3 - Content? Generally yes. But unfortunately, not at the moment. Hmm....can I claim that I am learning to be content? In all things. As Paul.

Sarah said...

I love these questions... what a fun idea!

Ciera said...

Sarah - I was both pleased and a little perplexed because I got quite wide range of questions, but it was good. thanks for stopping by! :)

Rob said...

Sarah, we should do a 3 questions thing on our blogs! I think I might be afraid of what people would ask.

Ciera said...

I can think of a few questions to ask. ;-)

Sarah said...

Okay, you first, Rob. Now I'm curious about the types of questions you're worried about...