Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Star Light Star Bright - guess what I saw last night?

I was telling this to a friend, and decided to share with y'all.

Last night, I went to take an article to my pastor, but he wasn't home...and I couldn't just leave it there without my name attached to it somehow and a note, cuz he hates that...and I didn't have a pen with me...and I almost decided to forget about it until today but at the last minute I decided to whip back around to the library to throw together a quick note for him. And it took longer than I expected. All this to say that when I finally got back to Pastors - - - and was walking across their yard - - - I just happened to look up and I saw a falling star...or is it a shooting star? Anyway. It was beautiful. Long and bright tale, that...well, for what it was, it just kind of mosied across the sky.

I love the stars...I always have. I could sit for hours just looking up at them {especially during meteor season} And knowing that God created me, with all my quirks and such, I know that this was His way of shouting down from heaven - "You're not alone!" Not alone. I might not have people here by my side, ready to listen to my piciyune trials, I am not alone.

Psalm 73:23 "Nevertheless I am continually with You, You hold me by my right hand."

Matthew 28:20 - the tale end of the Great Ccommision Jesus says, "I am with you always.

And of course all the promises about the Holy Spirit who is our helper, our comforter.

- - - - - -

And on a completely different subject:

I am getting sooo frustrated. each time I go to work on this novel for the month of November contest thing...the computer eats my new material up. I can't add anything new. It's all being done here at the library and so it's on a disk and it is beginning to annoy me greatly. A friend that I used to email from here said that she was getting emails with virus attachments...but each time I tell Alfonse that, he just ignored it. I mean, hey, how can we here at the library have a virus when the computers are so layered with security that a regular user can't even change the time on the clock in the corner {which is now 12 hours behind the right time}.

OK...whew - I feel better now. LOL!


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Great story of the star, Ciera.

Rob said...

picayune... nice word

Ciera said...

Hmm...yeah and I didn't spell it right either.