Monday, November 14, 2005


Don't you hate it when yousay something stupid and have to take it back?

A while back, I answered a "MEME" question thus:
Three kid's names I like:Boys names:1. Jonathan2. Mark3. Joshua I will never name one of my sons Robert.Girls Names:1. Sierra2. Jewell3. Angela

Never thinking that one of my commenters name, Rob, would most likely be short for Robert.

I am such an idiot sometimes.


To explain - it's not the name's the nickname Bob that I don't like.

Hope I didn't offend anyone {Rob}.

Please forgive me if I did. Purty please, with cherries and whip cream and pudding?!?!?!

y'all. Look for a poem tomorrow.


Cliff said...

OK, Bob can't be all that bad of a name can it. I mean, at least you might be able to use it as a nickname for a fictional superhero.

Ciera said...

Spllllhhhh..... :P

that was before the one who nicknamed me Bob changed it to another b-word instead.

Rob said...

No harm done. But I agree with you -- I can't stand "Bob" as a knickname. I was "Robbie" as a boy, but then I grew up and became plain old "Rob".

Ciera said...


I went to school with a few "Robbie's"...I'm not sure if the one ever outgrew it though. Poor guy.

if my math is right, your not that old, and I think you're far from plain! :-)

utenzi said...

LOL I really doubt anyone is so sensitive that your not liking their name will bother them, Ciena. Just to prove it, you can dislike the name "Dave" as much as you'd like.

Ciera said...

Utenzi: Well, yeah - it most likely bothered me more than it did Rob. That level of sensitivity has gotten me into a lot of trouble before.